Workshop: Build an Engaging Alexa Skill

Take our introductory workshop to learn how to develop your first Alexa skill. You’ll get hands-on experience using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), learn to design an engaging voice skill.

YouTube: Alexa Developer Office Hours

Join Jeff, Ryan, Andy, and Scott as they answer your questions about Alexa, ambient computing, hardware and software development!

Video: Up and running with multi-channel messaging using Amazon Pinpoint

Learn how to get up and running using Amazon Pinpoint without a developer to send messages.

Video: Amazon Pinpoint Patterns

Learn how to extend Amazon Pinpoint’s core functionality with AWS Machine Learning, Analytics, and Mobile services using Reference Architectures.

Video: Designing Customer Communication Across Any Channel

Learn about how to design customer journeys across multiple channels

Solution: Predictive Segmentation Using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning powered segmentation using predictive models in Amazon SageMaker.

Solution: Digital User Engagement Events Database

Query Amazon Pinpoint engagement events using Amazon Athena in realtime.

Solution: Amazon Personalize Optimizer Using Amazon Pinpoint Events

Use Amazon Pinpoint events to retrain the Amazon Personalize ML recommendation model.

Repo: AWS Digital User Engagement Reference Architectures

Curated collection of Amazon Pinpoint mini reusable reference architectures demonstrating best practices.

Repo: Amazon Pinpoint ISV Partner Guide

Collection of development and integration best practices for Independent Software Vendors.

Repo: Amazon Pinpoint Data Lake Powered Segmentation

Use Amazon Athena to execute powerful segmentation queries for use in Amazon Pinpoint.

Repo: Lambda Powered Amazon Pinpoint Templates

Proof of Concept of how to build your own custom template rendering engine with Amazon Pinpoint.

Repo: Amazon Pinpoint POC Guide

Full guide on how to get a Proof of Concept running with Amazon Pinpoint.

Repo: Predictive User Engagement Workshop

Follow along instructions for a Predictive User Engagement workshop.

Repo: Amazon Pinpoint Cross Org Project Setup

Set up multiple Amazon Pinpoint projects for data isolation across an AWS Organization.

Repo: Amazon Pinpoint Engagement Scoring Solution

Create an end-user engagement scoring solution using Amazon Pinpoint.

Blog: Template Personalization using Amazon Pinpoint

Two-part blog post showing how to use Amazon Personalize to inject recommendations into Amazon Pinpoint messaging templates.

Blog: Solving abandoned cart scenarios using Amazon Pinpoint event-triggered journeys

Blog post on using Amazon Pinpoint events and journeys to solve the abandoned cart problem.

Blog: Building unified customer profiles with Amazon Connect

Build customer customer profiles using Amazon Connect Profile API.